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Renew-ABLE against COVID

In the framework of the initiative « Renew-ABLE against COVID », RES4Africa Foundation, Electrical Workers Without Borders Italy (ESFI) and Technical Solidarity ONLUS (TS) are selecting 3 start-ups and/or groups of young professionals to carry out the energy assessment of new Health Centre, conducting the preliminary design of the power system, of the budget and of the time schedule.

« Renew-ABLE Against COVID » is an ongoing project rooted in the partnership between RES4Africa, ESFI and TS to ensure reliable and affordable electricity supply service to health centres in Africa. The initiative was pioneered and initiated in 2020, during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic; it offers a broad range of training and learning opportunities to young professionals, in the field of renewable energy and energy access, ranging from renewable energy generation technologies to business and entrepreneurship skills: a cornerstone of the programme are RES4Africa’s training Initiatives, such as the Micro-Grid Academy (MGA) and the Advance Training Course Programme. Between its commencement and the first half of 2021, Renew-ABLE Against COVID made possible to carry out interventions to the health centres « Anana Children Home » and « Cottolengo Mission Hospital », both in Kenya, providing reliable, affordable and renewable energy. The applicants will be required to perform surveys, interviews and missions in order to evaluate the energy needs of each health centre. Based on the analysis performed, then, they carry out a preliminary design of the dedicated power system.

Winning applicants will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals from RES4Africa members’ network, providing guidance in the execution of the project. In addition, tailored mentorship webinars and one-to-one sessions will be organised, developing winners’ complementary skills.

The deadline for the submission of application form is September 12th, 2021.

 For detailed information about the requirements, procedures, deadlines and steps, please read carefully the attached Call for Proposals.